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Is Starlink Good and How Do You Connect to It?

Starlink is now gearing up. It has been deployed, and some people may be interested in getting the global internet service — but how do you connect to Starlink?


How to Connect to Starlink


Starlink is a global internet infrastructure that uses thousands of satellites to orbit the earth. It allows people to connect to the internet and then to websites like an online casino, no matter where they are, without an internet service provider. However, how does one do this? Is it free? Read on as we explain the capabilities of Starlink and how it functions.


How to Connect to Starlink

The first step to connect to Starlink is to buy the satellite dish or what they call the Starlink Kit. You need to set it up on your own or call an internet or electronics expert to do this for you. Starlink does not have service providers like your usual ISP.


Once you have set it up, the next step is to download the Starlink App and then plug the device. From here, you can set up your billing and other things.


The Starlink Kit includes a base to make it work. It does come with other components, too. The base is ideal for ground-level installation. The thing about Starlink is that it needs a clear view of the sky. So, if you live in an area where there are so many tall buildings, it may not be the best for you.


Most Starlink users put their satellite dishes on their roofs. If you are unsure what dish or components to buy, you must visit the Starlink website to see the available options.


The Starlink satellite dish is water- and weather-resistant. It can withstand storms, water, hot temperatures, and many more. The design was rigorously tested, and it can handle extreme cold and heat. It can also handle strong winds. To some degree, it can melt the snow around it, which means you do not have to go up to it and remove the snow.


Is Starlink Accessible by Phone?

Not for now, but soon. Since Starlink is a global internet infrastructure, the team of SpaceX, its creator, is definitely in the process of creating a mobile device that can function as a mobile router. Right now, you have to bring your satellite dish with you if you want to access the internet from your phone.


For example, you must bring your satellite dish with you if you go to the sea. The dish must sit on the boat. As you can see, this is an inconvenience.


Currently, T-Mobile and SpaceX have a joint effort where they have developed a system to allow mobile users of Starlink to connect to the internet. The thing is that this connection will still use the existing networks of T-Mobile. What it means is that without an accessible T-Mobile network or tower around, the system will not work.


For now, the plan is to launch the service for free. There will be three phases where T-Mobile users can first send text messages. In the last phase, T-Mobile users can use their phones to access the internet as they usually would.


Making Starlink accessible by phone is a challenge, and it will take time. The satellites are moving at 17,000 miles per hour. They need to put special antennas in these satellites to make them work with phones.


How Much is Starlink?

Starlink is currently costly to have right now. It is only best for companies and people who really need internet in places where there are no service providers. It is also ideal for people who are researching in remote places like the desert, the sea, or in Antarctica.


Starlink costs about $600 to build — this is the cost of the kit. Then, you have to pay at least $100 per month for the service. It is not yet available everywhere, but it will be soon.


Even if Starlink outpaces every internet service provider in terms of speed, many people who live in urban areas that have internet providers already do not need it. There is no reason to get 100 MB of speed when 30 MB will do — not at the cost of Starlink today.


Once you set up Starlink, you are free to cancel the service without a cancellation fee. The app will also help you find the best location to put the satellite dish.


One downside to it is that the cable of the satellite, which leads to the router to your house, is permanently attached to the satellite dish. If this cable gets damaged, you have to replace the entire dish.


Starlink is only available to some countries. It is not even accessible to the entire United States right now. The plan is to deploy more satellites and make the system accessible in the entire country by 2023.


So, is Starlink for you? It really depends on your location. It is not an ideal thing to have if you live in a highly urbanized area. It works great in big farmlands where there are no accessible telecommunications towers.


Lastly, Starlink is going through some legal battles with the FCC because the satellites are blocking the satellites of the government. All these legal battles will eventually mean that the process of improving the system will slow down.

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