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Online Banking Services with Genome

Digital financial service solutions are now used thanks to their convenience and accessibility globally. There is no need to go through all the bureaucracy and wait at the bank; business online accounts can be opened quickly and effortlessly via the Internet. With the latest financial service called Genome, you can greatly enhance your business’s efficiency.

Features of the Genome’s business online account

Genome (https://genome.eu/) is a financial service provider licensed by the Bank of Lithuania and operates in Europe. It is a highly secure financial company that delivers a wide selection of useful services for your business. Genome deals with the three most popular international currencies, USD, GBP, and EUR. Here are some of the key features:

IBAN account – with Genome, you can open a variety of IBANs for your business. The process is quick, and after completing registration, it is possible to create one IBAN account but up to fifteen different ones – five for each of the supported currencies;
Efficient exchange rates – it is possible to use this financial service to exchange money at a beneficial rate. The fees are affordable and transparent for all Genome users;
Convenient templates and ways to transfer money – SWIFT and SEPA transactions are available worldwide. Genome users can transfer money between their accounts directly with more convenience. The financial service also allows to create templates for regular payments and perform transactions in a few clicks;
Shared access to accounts – each Genome business account can be accessed by other employees securely through the shared access function. It is convenient for sharing a business online account between multiple employees;
Analytics – account analytics and reports are available in various formats, including PDF. It is possible to generate a thorough report on your financial activity quickly just with one click;
Notifications – Genome account users can receive instant notifications about all activity across different currency accounts. Monitor your business activity in one place.

When previously you had to go to a bank, a business online account by Genome can save you tons of time and money by delivering all these handy services on a single platform.

Applying for a Business Account at Genome

The process of registering a new business online account at Genome is incredibly accessible and quick. Here is how you can open a financial account for your company:

Register at Genome financial service by providing all the necessary info and pick a business account option for your wallet;
Complete verification of the account by submitting your ID info;
Describe your company by offering all the required business info and the structure of ownership.

And this is how you create a fresh Genome e-wallet. Just in three easy steps, you can open a new bank business online account and start using all its benefits.

Multi-currency Features

As Genome supports three different currencies, it is possible to open up to fifteen accounts within one wallet. After creating a new euro account, you can add other financial accounts. It is allowed to create up to five accounts for each currency: EUR, USD, and British pounds. This way, you can manage all 15 accounts conveniently from one dashboard.

Merchant Account Solutions

Genome is one of the most popular financial service options in Europe as it also offers convenient merchant solutions. A merchant account allows accepting payments for your goods and services in over 20 currencies. After opening this bank business online account, each client also receives assistance from a personalized manager. Separate reports are available for merchant accounts. It is possible to obtain data on your transactions, charge-backs, client approval, and more. With powerful anti-fraud measures, your business online account will be fully protected from various kinds of scams. Special encryption and authentication measures add to the account security. It is also possible to manage the payment methods available for your clients.

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