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How to Exchange Ripple (XRP) for Cash Using a Crypto Converter?

Ripple is among the most traded digital coins listed on all large trading platforms. The project was initially aimed at making money transactions across the world much faster, easier and cheaper, rivaling the popular but outdated SWIFT system. The Ripple technology is supposed to be used by banks and financial companies. Many enterprises worldwide now use the Ripple blockchain for speedy and cheap currency conversion and delivery to any point on the globe. The only drawback of the project is a lawsuit with the SEC, which demands the company recognize the XRP token as a security. That is the reason why the project cannot develop in full swing, and the XRP token price does not grow. However, Ripple is one of the top crypto projects to invest with a trading volume of over $735 million and a market cap exceeding $17 billion.

XRP is listed on all popular trading platforms. Now let’s talk about how to exchange cryptocurrency XRP for cash using a crypto value calculator on WhiteBIT.

Crypto Converter on WhiteBIT

The WhiteBIT cryptocurrency trading platform has a convenient crypto calculator for quick currency conversion. It also allows crypto-fiat exchange. For example, to convert Ripple to euro, follow the steps:

Register on WhiteBIT and verify your account
Move XRP to the Trade account and open the crypto converter
Select XRP in the left graph, and on the right, choose the fiat asset you want to receive (for example, EUR)
The up-to-date price for this pair will be indicated below.
In the right low graph, you will see the number of euros you can receive in exchange for XRP.

If the price suits you, click “Exchange,” and euros will be accrued to your account. Then you can move them directly to your bank card and cash out.

Crypto exchanges rates vary depending on the platform you use. That depends on the liquidity and the popularity of this or that asset on a platform, as well as on the previous trades with the asset.

The WhiteBIT exchange always offers relevant crypto prices(average in the market) and low fees – 0,10% per transaction.

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